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NEW Survival Challenge




This four day survival course is suitable for those looking for an adventure, not too far from home and who really want to challenge themselves! The Survival Challenge includes the existing Survival Weekend course plus an extra two days to test your skills. During this test phase you will be using the skills and knowledge learnt on the weekend to live off the land without any supplementary food, tarps or water. You will live in the shelters you built over the weekend, drink only water that you have collected and purified. You will also continue to check traplines, forage for plant foods and invertebrates and fish in the nearby river. All food collected will be monitored by the instructor to ensure your safety. For those who successfully complete the four day course there will be a certificate of achievement.

To take part in the course you need to be in good health and fitness. If you have any medical conditions or are in any doubt about your suitability, please discuss this with us before booking the course.

Duration: 4 full days: starts 19.00 on Friday night and ends 16:00 Tuesday afternoon.

Price: £290 (price includes food during the Survival Weekend phase)

Overnight stay: Required - sleeping in natural shelters only. If you need additional food for health reasons please let us know in advance, otherwise you are requested not to bring any.

Learning outcomes:

  • Game preparation - gutting and skinning rabbits, pigeons and/or fish (depending on availability)
  • Cooking methods - direct cooking on fire (e.g. spit cooking, grilling, baking in ashes)
  • Flat bread cooking (bannocks)
  • Cord using natural materials
  • Knife and saw use and carving project (e.g. making a spoon)
  • Fire making using friction and sparks and fire construction and uses
  • Foraging for plant foods - including tree, herb and fungi id and uses
  • Invertebrates as food
  • Water collection and preparation
  • Natural shelter building
  • Trapping methods - theory practice, legal issues and demonstration of traps
  • Wildlife Tracking especially with reference to trapping and recognision of target and non-target species
  • Fishing
  • Living off the land

Client quotes on Survival Weekend:
"I feel like I have learnt a lot about the native species of trees and plants and how you can utilise them in a survival situation. I really enjoyed the whole experience. I have learnt so much about what nature can provide, though I do wish I could remember all the little details better, and I have had an amazing weekend adventure. I could have done it for longer! I have wanted to do one of these weekends since I was a child and it did not disappoint in the slightest." - D. Helsdon

"A super couple of days providing a real insight to the bushcraft and survival activities - something of an eye opener to the world of nature around us" - A. Kelly

"Excellent all round, really nice approachable tutors, covered loads and had a good chance of trying everything hands on" - R. Hazeldean

"Leon was very welcoming on our arrival. He put students at ease with his delightful manner and was always friendly, patient and available to students through out the course. He gave due consideration to all abilities/experience of the students. All information was delivered in a way that was professional and clear. All subjects were covered in the appropriate depth, topics were fully explained and backed up with an obvious wealth of knowledge and experience. I loved the game preparation, fire lighting technique sessions and the fact that we were given time to practice some of the skills we had learnt in useful way. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn basic skills of bushcraft. It has certainly given me an appetite to learn more and to try and hone skills learnt during the weekend. I had one of the most inspiring and enjoyable weekends of my life" - D.Stewart

"Leon was very patient (!), clear, knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. He was always ready to answer questions or give extra support when it was needed! He was great at adapting his teaching style depending on the skills (or lack of them) in the people he was teaching content. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wasn't bored for a second (which is quite a feat when spending a whole weekend in a cold,damp woodland in Feb!). The programme was full enough for there always to be something new to do, whilst giving you enough time on each task to really get a feel for it. Leon's laid back approach and flexible attitude meant you cold easily spend more time on a task if you were particularly interested in something (e.g. spoon carving!). I thoroughly enjoyed it - a great experience which I'm so glad I did. It was fantastic on a freezing weekend in Feb, so it must be totally amazing the rest of the year! The bannoch was a revelation, so delicious (or were we just starving?!). The spoon carving, fire lighting, foraging for water, were all great experiences. The rabbit skinning was good but quite gruesome (but if you're on a survival weekend, what can you expect?!). A fantastic way to spend a weekend, you'll come back exhausted, and probably ravenously, but feeling like you've been away for a month, are completely relaxed and have forgotten all about your day-to-day worries. I couldn't recommend it more." - S. Campbell

"Great weekend! I found this course very interesting due to Leon's vast knowledge on all aspects of the outdoors. If you like life's comforts then this may not be the course for you! but if you want to be exposed to the reality of surviving without life's comforts, then this is a great place to start. excelent location, highly skilled tutors and "real" living of the land, brilliant.... oh and i picked up some great skills along the way. skills that i will never forget" - S. Joslin.

"Wide range of items covered and each item could easily take up a day or more to learn, but Leon manages to show the basics on each. Almost a sampler so you could fine tune a particular item on another of the courses" - L. Joslin

Thank you letter from a previous student

You may also be interested in our Survival Day course if you want an easier introduction to some of these skills or the Survival Weekend course as a standalone.


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