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NEW Practical Survival Course


Dates in the Highlands, Scotland
Dates in Sussex, England


This course is a fast-track to essential survival knowledge for those travelling, working and playing in wilderness environments. It covers survival principles, practical techniques and equipment that can save your life in an emergency situation. It is not aimed at developing bushcraft skills, which are definitely useful, but which take more time to master (we have plenty of other courses which cover that). The course offers a firm foundation in practical survival that will give you added assurance if things suddenly go wrong.

Learning outcomes

On the course you will learn:

  • Survival procedures: what to do when you initially find yourself in a survival situation
  • Personal protection from hazards
  • Assessing your situation
  • Planning for rescue and/or evacuation
  • Getting help in places without phone coverage - signalling, different techniques for different circumstances
  • Essential equipment - survival kits, other equipment you have at your disposal including found and natural materials
  • Quick and easy firelighting methods and fundamentals of fire construction - different uses for fire
  • Shelter - making use of existing shelter, lightweight shelters you can carry with you and important elements of your clothing system
  • Water collection and purification
  • Basic orientation and navigation

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