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NEW Nomadic Coastal Survival Course ("Shipwreck Survival") - West Coast of Scotland



Imagine you are washed up on a remote, wild Scottish coast and have to survive on your wits and find your way back to safety! This is the challenge of Nomadic Coastal survival.

On Friday evening you will arrive at our base and receive some basic survival training and a briefing on survival principles (you will camp on our property overnight). The following morning we will drop you on a wild stretch of the coast where you will take stock of your situation, make a choice out of the available kit "washed up". You will be given some additional practical training with regard to local foraging, water purification, signalling and shelter. As a group you will then make a plan within certain guidelines defined by the instructor. The final objective for the first day will be to navigate to a cave and make camp (this is open overhanging rock with enough space for several people rather than a tight squeeze). You will forage for your supper from the shore, source water, and make a fire to keep you warm at night.

On Sunday you will need to navigate towards civilisation - the journey involves crossing a mudflat at low tide, and walkiing out over several kilometres of rough hilly terrain through stunning west coast wilderness. Along the way we may throw in some additional surprises!

The idea of this course is to simulate a genuine short-term emergency and to encourage you as a group to take decisions and, within safety, make your own mistakes. You can choose at the beginning of the course whether you prefer to use a sleeping system on the Saturday night in the cave or just rely on the fire for warmth. Your choice will be reflected on your certificate at the end of the course. We do have back up sleeping systems for emergencies. There will be very little food carried in (mainly flour and oil). Most of your food will be foraged (so we hope you like shellfish and seaweed!). Carrying additional food in is discouraged as part of the course ethos.

By the end of the weekend you will have learned about the following:

  • marine foraging - shellfish, seaweeds and fishing
  • land based foraging
  • knife use
  • water sourcing and purification
  • fire lighting
  • signalling for help - reflection, whistles, ground to air, signal fires
  • tidal cycles and flows
  • shelter using natural features, and materials, also tarps
  • hypothermia treatment
  • utilising found materials and survival kit selection
  • navigation with map and compass and safely crossing difficult terrain


  • You should be at least 18 years old (in some cases 13+ years may be allowed to attend if accompanied by a parent)
  • You should have some outdoor experience, be reasonably hardy and have a reasonable level of fitness - you will have to cope with tiring walking over rough terrain possibly in adverse weather with limited food!
  • Ideally you should have some bushcraft survival experience, but the course is also open to adventurous beginners. If however. in the instructor's view you are having problems you may be required to withdraw from the course and obviously no refund is available in these circumstances (the instructor's decision is final)


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