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Arctic Adventurer Expedition - Sweden


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An exciting and challenging expedition based in the Arctic Circle. Many of our students and those from other Arctic experiences tell us they want to take their Arctic skills and experience to the next level. This is how we came up with the concept of our Arctic Adventurer Expedition! We are delighted to offer you this course at an exceptional price. Due to the simpler, more rugged nature of this course, certain previous costs have been eliminated and we pass that saving directly to you! This expedition is primarily about you, your skills and the elements.

This expedition is based in the Laponia region of northern Sweden. However, rather than being based in and around a well-stocked cabin it takes a nomadic journey into Muddus National Park with nearly all nights spent outdoors in snow shelters.

This expedition builds your survival skills in one of the world's most extreme environments. In winter this region is transformed by thick ice and snow, the polar night is long and temperatures can vary from 0 to -35°C. The region may be challenging but it is also extremely beautiful with incredible landscapes frequently illuminated by the 'northern lights'.

So what is the course like? It is suitable for people who have some cold weather experience but is open to adventurous beginners. As mentioned, the course is nomadic and predominantly outdoors so this challenges your abilities to keep clothes and sleeping systems dry and deal with the cold. The course is set in mid-Winter, so that you have a classic Arctic experience and often working in darkness adds to the level of challenge. We will finish the course with an optional "ice breaking drill" (immersion in icy water through a hole in the ice). This bracing drill helps you to prepare mentally and physically should it happen for real. However, there will be the option of a sauna and roll in the snow as an alternative if the weather condition are deemed too risky for ice water immersion or if you prefer this. But fear not, we will be at hand at all times to monitor your safety and to provide advice and guidance when necessary. Because this is a testing course only those who both complete the course and meet the standards required will receive a Completion certificate.

Cost and inclusions

1080 (You may reserve a place by paying a deposit of 200, with the balance due two calendar months before the course). Group discounts are available - ask us for details.

The price includes transport from Lulea Airport to and from the site, all accommodation, all food, training, equipment used on the course and Certificate of Completion (if achieved). It does not include personal kit such as outdoor clothing and sleeping bags, though there will be some hire options available for sleeping systems (bivvy bag, mat and Arctic-rated sleeping bag). Flights are not included.

Bespoke Arctic Training for Professionals

In addition to our public courses we offer a unique service of bespoke and specialised training for professionals working in the arctic and adventurers and atheletes training for Arctic challenges. Here is a recent testimonial from ITOPF - a group that advises on oil spills:

"Leon and Toby both very clearly explained all of the skills and drills on the course, with a great balance of practical hands-on training and talks on equipment and survival tips. Really the ultimate endorsement is that I feel that I can remember all of the key information they delivered during the entire course, which is saying something considering everything we learnt! Leon and Toby are two of the most friendly and approachable chaps we could have hoped to have been training us in the wilderness for a week!

I loved the fact that the practical survival skills we learned on the course were all so much fun that we wanted to practise them non-stop. The Arctic Survival Training was incredibly good fun, and a great way to get to know your team mates at work. The location was ideal - with the perfect balance between remoteness (with blissful silence) but also a ski-able distance from Porjus! The cabin was also perfect for the course - offering a good balance between wilderness living and a cosy shelter for some of the evenings. There was nothing that you could have done to improve on the course in my opinion. It may have been improved by having colder conditions, but obviously that is completely out of anyone's control! It's so difficult to choose the best part of the course since there were so many great elements to it, but I particularly enjoyed selecting and contructing our snow trench, and living out in the trench over the two day period at the end of the course. The Arctic Survival Course offers a great opportunity to learn from two of the most experienced bushcraft and survival trainers in the wildnerness while learning a lot about your own skills and instincts." (Private Winter Arctic Survival Expedition) - A. Hunt (March 2014) Technical Team Manager, The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Ltd.

"Both Leon and Toby are obviously extremely experienced and passionate experts, and did an excellent job of sharing their knowledge and skills. A perfect mix of theory and practical sessions, which worked really well for the experience we were after. A really good balance between remoteness and practicality for getting there (and away if anything had gone wrong). As we had the opportunity to tailor the course to what we expected our requirements to be, I don't think there would be anything to change. We didn't know for certain exactly what we needed to cover beforehand, but in hindsight I think it was spot on and for future groups I think the same format would be ideal. The relaxed approach of the instructors was great as it allowed us to ease into the course and gain confidence as the week went on. A very well-organised and relevant course, I learnt a lot but had a lot of fun too". - Dr Nicola Beer (March 2013) Technical Adviser, The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Ltd.

Note: ITOPF is returning in 2014 for two more courses!

If bespoke training is of interest please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements (01687 470415).

Course content

You will learn some key survival skills for the winter Arctic environment with the focus being on hands on experience:

  • Cross country skiing and nomadic camping
  • Packing Ski Pulks
  • Tracking
  • Ice breaking drills or an alternative Sauna / Snow roll (depending on weather and preference)
  • Emergency Snow shelters (e.g. snow trench)
  • Axe, knife and saw use
  • Fire lighting in the cold
  • Avoidance and management of cold injuries
  • 'White out' exercise
  • Flora and fauna identification and plant uses
  • Hygiene routines
  • Water acquisition
  • Managing/Transporting casualties
  • Emergency Signalling
  • Celestial navigation
  • Choosing correct clothing

+ optional extra to go dog sledding on last day (additional £120)

These represent a unique range of essential skills that make this course both comprehensive and great value!

N.B. All activities will run at the instructor's discretion, based on local weather conditions at the time and safety constraints.


The Survival training will be led by Toby Cowern, our guest instructor who is permanently based in the Arctic. Wildwood's Chief Excavating quinze in Swedeninstructor, ecologist, Leon Durbin will also be instructing in bushcraft techniques on the course.


You must:

  • be over 18 years old;
  • have some outdoor experience such as camping
  • have a reasonable level of physical fitness
  • have a sense of humour!

For bookings just fill in a form from this page or for further information contact us or phone 01687 470415

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