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Tracking Foundation Course (4 day)

Price and Dates in the Highlands, Scotland
Price and Dates in Sussex, England



Duration: 3 days starting at 19.00 on the first day and finishing at 16.00 on the last day.

Course content: tracking, awareness exercises, sign and track interpretation, plaster casts, wildlife observation

Tracking is a fascinating subject and a skill that most of us can acquire with the correct training. Under the expert guidance of a wildlife biologist you will look at tracking theory, carry out some exercises to open your senses and increase your awareness of the signs around you everywhere. You will look at animal footprints, trails, signs and skulls. How tracks age with time in different conditions and substrates. How to interpret direction and gait and how trails change in different terrains. How to take plaster casts. You will work on your ability to follow human trails over different substrates. You will also learn to move quietly in the woodland and how to observe animals and stalk them.

This is an inspirational course where you literally open your senses to all the signs around you in the woodland and really have time to settle.

Client quotes:

"Clear, concise, and with any jargon clearly explained. Any questions were welcomed and answered. Very interesting and crucial for a fuller understanding of bushcraft and the environment- will definitely be using it in future whenever outdoors and doing bushcraft. Beautiful setting with plenty of wildlife - perfect for a Tracking course! The length of the course allowed a complete immersion into the world of tracking and observing the local environment, allowing one's perception to shift from an unaware state. A great introduction to Tracking in a beautiful woodland with plentiful wildlife. With the foundation this course has provided I will be actively looking out for signs and tracks whenever I'm walking or bushcrafting from now on! It has changed the way I look at and appreciate the outdoors." - D. McKay

Quotes from Tracking day courses:

"I completely enjoyed everything about the course and would love to do it again. A great day out, excellent fun" - E. Morgan

"Excellent - really knows his stuff! An interesting session - I learnt a lot and really enjoyed it!" - S. Morgan

"It was a lovely peaceful day, we learned alot and look forward to testing ourselves nearer to home." - E. Mc Carthy

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