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NEW Tarpology: the tarps and hammocks day course

Dates in Sussex, England


BOOK ONLINE: day only add overnight (+£20)


The tarpaulin or tarp is an incredibly versatile shelter, often used in combination with a hammock, or simply as canopy to cook or sleep under. For many of us there is nothing quite like a comfortable night out in the woods under the stars!

There are a wide array of different systems out there, different ways to suspend the hammock and configure the tarp. This one day course, with an overnight option, will help you select a system to suit you and/or get the most out of your existing system.

It is a great way to benefit from years of experience with hammocks and tarps in one day!

Learning outcomes:

On the course you will learn about the following:

  • The pros and cons of the hammock-tarp system over the tent
  • Different designs and materials used in tarps and hammocks - some of the well known makes, pros and cons
  • Travelling light
  • Common knots used to tie up a hammock and tarp
  • Suspension systems for hammocks
  • Making your own "whoopie slings" (strong, lightweight hammock suspension system) from "Amsteel Blue" cordage
  • Getting the sag right in your hammock and the correct use of a structural ridge line
  • Dealing with water running along your suspension lines and into your hammock!
  • Insulation under the hammock - avoiding the cold back effect
  • Tarp configurations: A-frame, Lean-to, Flying V, Cave
  • Bivvy bags - their use in conjunction with hammocks and tarps

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