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Plants and Fungi used in Bushcraft

Dates in the Highlands, Scotland
Dates in Sussex, England



Course content: plant identification and uses, cord making, foraging

Our countryside is full of useful plants, but for many people this knowledge has been lost. Learn about plants within a framework of expert guidance. We will look at plants as foods, medicines, poisons, cord fibres, glue, building material, water indicators, firelighters and much more. You can have a go at making cord and spark onto tinders. The session will conclude with foraging for edible species and the opportunity to try some of them for yourself.

Client quotes:

"Exactly what I was looking for ... really interesting - the course involved looking at plants from a diversity of angles and there would be something of interest for everyone" - T. Eichner
"Would like to do it for a longer duration and/or in different seasons" - N. Jones
"Very good, informative, stimulating" - A. Turner
"Interesting and fun" - O. Burden

Learning outcomes: At the end of the course you should:

  • have an understanding of the safety issues relating to edible and medicinal plants
  • recognise a number of edible, medicinal and poisonous species
  • understand how to make cord from natural materials
  • recognise plants that can be used to indicate water
  • recognise and know how to use plants for firelighting

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