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Wild Food: foraging and bushcraft cooking

Price and Dates in the Highlands, Scotland
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(Food is provided on the course)

Course content: foraging, preparation of food, cooking and eating

Our woodlands, fields and hedgerows contain a wealth of food if we know when and where to look. There are also hazards to avoid such as poisonous plants. This course will teach you to identify seasonal wild foods and provide you with the opportunity to cook and eat them on an open fire - preparing two meals.

Learn about sourcing, preparing, and cooking food using traditional bushcraft methods. You will start by foraging for fruits, greens and roots, prepare game such as fish and/or rabbit (depending on availability), as well as basic bushcraft fare such as bannocks (unleven bread). You will then light a fire and start cooking.

The course provides plenty of hands-on practical know-how about eating outdoors and ends with a meal you have cooked yourself.

Client quotes:

"Easy atmosphere .. nudged along when we needed it especially when we were cooking .. Leon is VERY knowledgeable and shared that knowledge in a 'quiet' sort of way, very befitting the woodland experience, and was very open to answering all questions. A really good day. I learned a lot. Just think of all the foods that we have collected, cooked and eaten! .... soup made with bullrush roots, burdock roots, wild garlic and nettles .... .... sauteed beefsteak mushroom and sauteed burdock chips with wild garlic .....a bit of a hazel nut ... nettle and blackberry tea, ash cakes .....trout with blackberry and elderberry coulis .... Posh nosh! " - C. Blakeman

"I absolutely loved the day. I'm glad I got to gut the fish. It was something I needed to do and I'm glad it wasn't a rabbit as I'm not quite ready for that yet... I really enjoyed the whole day and it was a good group to work with." - D. Harbor

"I liked the hands on approach to the course, the tutor explained everything in detail but took a step back at each stage of the course so that we could try things out for ourselves. I have come away with confidence to start to try things myself and continue my enjoyment of bushcraft and nature." - J. Cashman

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