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Firelighting Day Course - Scotland

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Duration: One day: 10:00 - 16:00.

Course content: primitive firelighting

This is a great introduction to firelighting on the West Coast of Scotland. The course examines the issues of primitive firelighting using natural materials in situ: sourcing dry tinder and kindling - potentially dealing with very wet and windy conditions. You will be taught two main ignition techniques - use of swedish firesteel and fire by friction (bow drill). We will also discuss sourcing of bow drill materials in situ.

The emphasis is on guidance and you are always encouraged to have a go and think things through for yourselves.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the course you should understand:

  • the basic principles of responsible firelighting and fire wood selection
  • use of sheath knife in firelighting preparation - safety, feathersticks, bowdrill
  • local tinders and kindling
  • fire lays - what to use and when
  • how to use a firesteel as a means of ignition
  • how to use a bow drill (fire by friction method) as a means of ignition

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